My two great loves are photography and music.  Unfortunately, I’m not quite good enough at music to make any money at it.  (The verdict is still out on photography.)


So, when a good friend of mine from High School needed some publicity shots of his band, The Troubaderos, I jumped at the chance.  What a cool opportunity – I hadn’t seen Jason in years and it seemed like a really fun shoot.


The guys were easy to work with and really looked the part.  The problem was the timing and weather.  Neither wanted to cooperate.


We decided to meet in Downtown Carrollton.  It was dark, cold and windy.  AND the guys were all more than a little hungry.


I’m actually thankful for the dark, though, because I like the mood that was created by having to find lights in windows and on the sides of buildings.


The good news is that nobody froze and the guys in the band all ate fried chicken at Babe’s as soon as we got the last shot.