A few months ago the wealth management firm True North Advisors hired me to shoot some pictures of their company end-of-the-year party.  It was a total blast and I blogged about it here.  I was surprised and honored when they contacted me again about photographing their yearly client party.


The event was held at The Dallas Arboretum with food provided by Two Sisters Catering.  The food looked and smelled amazing as it was served from installations that were themselves, works of art.


The Camp House was brimming with lively conversation and relaxed exuberance as the firm’s invitees soaked up the natural beauty of a perfect Spring day.


I enjoyed incorporating all of the details into the pictures taken during the evening.


As a photographer, I was enthralled with the authenticity and interest that was all around me. The setting couldn’t have been more lovely.


The challenge, however, was to mentally stay a step ahead of the waning natural light in order to ensure that the last pictures I shot would be just as crisp and informative as the images I had taken hours before.


I love the colors that appeared in the lights once the sun went down.


The tents and tables and trees seemed to come alive with the ambient glow of colored light.  All the while, the Emerald City Band kept playing and playing.


It truly was an amazing evening and I am thankful for having been invited . . . again.