Our family recently returned from another yearly trip to the beautiful state of Colorado.  Since moving from Denver to Dallas, we seem to be heading back up to Colorado as often as we can.


The natural scenery was as spectacular as ever, with wonderful weather to enjoy the entire week.  A favorite past-time was checking the weather App on our iPhones and commenting on how much more pleasant the temperature was in Breck as compared to Big D.


We hiked and swam and played and walked all over town.  One morning we even shared breakfast with a hungry gang of Chipmunks.  Who knew that the average chipmunk can consume three times his body weight in sunflower seeds before 10:00 AM!?!


Our kids were both born in Colorado and we want them to know as much of it growing up as they can.  It’s so fun exploring and discovering new wonders with them.


The beauty of the mountains is everywhere, and as a photographer, I was on sensory overload all week with my camera clicking away like crazy.  This year, I made it a point to focus on shooting some of my favorite details in and around Breckenridge that I don’t normally get to photograph.


Just like any beer enthusiast, I always try to hit the Breckenridge Brewery while we are up there.  But, I have never really tried to take any pictures.


This time, I walked in with my camera strapped around my neck and sat down at the bar.  I laid my Nikon right there on the bar in plain sight. After exchanging a few pleasantries, the bartender asked if I was out taking pictures.  Before I knew it, she had invited me behind the bar where I was able to get in close for some very cool views of the place.


Thoroughly refreshed, it was time to snap a few pics at a local Ski Shop.  I love the gear associated with the snowsports industry.  Every spring in mountain towns all over the country you’ll find walls of boots on sale and bins of last year’s skis marked down.


It’s like an X-Games prop department.  The details were too good to resist.


After grabbing a Mocha at the uber-cool Starbucks, I stopped into the Patagonia Store.  I love their clothing as well as their corporate rational and strategy.


The salesperson was really friendly and we talked awhile about the company and their aesthetic and other things such as taking days off of work to hit the slopes.


He invited me to take as many pictures as I wanted.  So, I did exactly that.


Before heading back up the mountain, I popped in to Empire Burgers for some goodies.  One of the waitresses let me shoot the shirt right on her back.  How’s that for service?


Our view from the balcony of The Grand Lodge on Peak 7 was spectacular.  It was hard not to spend all of our time out their just watching the breeze blowing through the trees.


On the drive home, we decided to visit The Great Sand Dunes National Park.  Now, that is a photogenic location, if I’ve ever seen one.


The kids loved it and were even sworn in as Junior Rangers.  Unfortunately, the position doesn’t pay much.


All in all, it was an amazing adventure and we are already planning our next trip back.