Angela, a friend of mine from High School, contacted me a while back wanting to do a “double” session with her family and the family of her best friend Brandi.  It sounded like a really great idea, so we got everything set up.


Wow!  This group was super fun and full of energy.  I enjoyed all of the different pairings and match-ups they wanted to capture.


We couldn’t have chosen a better location, either.  The Heritage Museum in Frisco came through big time.  I absolutely loved the scenic elements and the abundance of spectacular exterior walls on all of the old buildings.  Everywhere you turn there is another metal barn or a beautiful rock wall or some sort of old, rustic wooden structure.


This is just one of those places where, on a good evening, you know you’re going to see at least a handful of photographers with their clients.


The BFFs looked beyond amazing as well.  I loved the outfits they had prepared for themselves and the rest of their families.  Super cool and bursting with color.


On top of all the fantastic old buildings at the Frisco Heritage Museum, they also have a wonderfully authentic train.


Needless to say, I filled up my memory card shooting these guys.  They were just so photogenic and the location provided an endless variety of amazing background settings.


Before long, we had worked our way around the entire center, shooting well past the point when the light had actually given out.


I’m so glad that Angela and Brandi contacted me.  It was an amazing session filled with near perfect light, a ton of interesting settings and two whole families full of really cool looking kiddos.