One of life’s great little treats is enjoying a really good hamburger, and one of my favorite places to do just that is Cupp’s Drive In.

Located near the Baylor University campus in Waco, Texas, Cupp’s is worth the drive from Dallas . . . or even Denver.

Our family has been stopping in here for lunch since “Our Family” meant “me and my parents”, not “me and my kids”.

They have a great location, they have a tried and true menu, and they have oodles of natural, un-faked burger-joint character.

What they don’t have is any room to sit down.  This place is alarmingly small.  Seriously, it’s just you and the kitchen – within hand-shaking distance.

The burgers are out-of-sight, though.  They serve other stuff.  I think they even make breakfast.  Forget all that and order a hamburger with fries.  It’s the reason you drove all the way to Waco in the first place.


I’ve been watching the TV show Burgerland on The Travel Channel.  It’s cool to see an entire show devoted to finding truly great hamburgers all over America.

Well, let me humbly submit that the next episode include a stop in Waco, Texas at a little place called Cupp’s.