As a photographer and small business owner, there are plenty of long lonely days editing and working on images.


There’s the energetic rush of the shoot and the thrill of meeting with clients.  That is probably the best part of the profession.


But, one of the coolest things  . . . for me, at least . . . is still seeing “Ben O’Neal Photography” on my cards or website or somewhere else.  There is a sense of pride knowing that you are working hard and delivering quality imagery to your clients.  And it has your name on it.


That’s why I am super excited to make the transition from burned CDs to personalized USB Drives as the primary means of image delivery.


Clients will now be receiving their pictures on a self-contained USB drive with the Ben O’Neal Photography logo beautifully etched on one side and the website address etched upon the reverse.


Burned CDs are so 2011.  From here on out, it’s personalized thumb drives for all.


I couldn’t be happier with these little beauties ordered from Photo Flash Drive.  I highly recommend them and their excellent service and order delivery time.   (Kudos on a job well done.)