Although my business is primarily divided between family portraiture and event photography, I am occasionally commissioned to shoot business headshot images.  It’s an art form that I truly enjoy for two main reasons . . .

1.  Unlike a true portrait, the images must convey confidence and trustworthiness in a concisely drawn presentation.  That part is straightforward and relatively easy.  The trick, however, is to avoid losing the subject’s actual personality along the way.

Gump (580)

2.  As the photographer, you only have a very short time to make the magic happen.  Most headshot sessions are jammed in between board meetings and power lunches.  These people are super busy and don’t have time to spend the entire afternoon posing.  I enjoy that “on-the-clock” aspect of the session.  Everything comes into focus quickly . . . it has to.

Take a look at the newly redesigned website for the Richard A. Gump Jr. Law Firm.  It looks fantastic.  They made great use of my headshot and group imagery.  They were really fun to work with as well.