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Part of being a professional photographer in Dallas, Texas means every Spring you shoot thousands of beautiful families frolicking and having fun in the bluebonnets, right?


That’s what I thought too.  I was ready to deliver the bad news to the late-comers that I was all booked up and simply would not have time to work them in.  Barely enough time to eat.


But, outside of a few wonderful clients nobody came knocking.  My website never even crashed beneath the digital strain of the sudden and overwhelming bandwidth overload.


And I’m convinced that it’s not for lack of quality.  Hey, I’ve taken some pretty good bluebonnet pictures in my time.  Just ask around.


True, the flowers haven’t been quite as brilliant this Spring.  But, they’re still out there.  We can’t all live in Ennis.

No, that’s not it.

My theory is that, for whatever reason, it’s just not as popular as it was a few years ago.  I guess everyone is just blue-bonneted out.