In the world of professional photography, contests and awards can sometimes leave you scratching your head.


Through the years I have found myself on both sides of the winner’s circle, from first place all the way out to “Thank you, please try again.”.


Even as my business has grown, photography contests and the recognition of having someone say that my photos are actually good is always out there.  It’s just this non-stop attractive distraction.


Every photographer wants to be told that they are a good photographer every now and then by someone other than their own mother.  (Thanks, Mom!)


One of my favorite things about this job is the inherent duality of the product.  On the one hand, it’s work and it’s straight forward and it’s a means to an end.


And then, on the other hand, it’s art and it’s purely creative and it can even be a little magical at times.


The truth is that the people I get to work with and for are the real judges.  Every single shoot is another entry in the ongoing photography contest.

2015-12-11_11-44-24 copy

That’s why I am so proud and excited to write this post about being named “Best Photographer” by the readers of Living Magazine (Las Colinas/Coppell Edition).


This is the kind of recognition that reminds me who I’m shooting for . . . and why.


There are so many photographers out there and more than a few ways to approach the combination of the artistic and the functional.


It sure is wonderful to hear from a local publication that their readers have been polled and decided that my approach was deemed their favorite.


Makes me want to go out and take some pictures . . . for the shear joy of it.





Thank You  –

To all who voted and continue to “vote” for me by hiring me and telling your friends about me.