Our family recently took a road trip to Southern Utah. The kids were going to out of school for the week of Spring Break and we had been cooped up inside for awhile, so we decided to visit the three southernmost of Utah’s National Parks.

The most remote of Utah’s amazing National Parks; Zion, Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef had always been on our list of adventures we wanted to take together as a family. Because of the ongoing pandemic, we decided to drive, which meant two long days in the SUV just to get to Utah. Thankfully, it was worth it.

Hiking in the canyons was a fun daily activity. Each of these three parks has similar features – canyons, free-standing rock formations and beautiful striations of colorful sediment layers. But, the three parks also have their own look, feel and personality. It’s strange, but each of these awe-inspiring National Parks was noticeably unique in the experience we took away.

Watch for more from this epic adventure in the near future . . .